The Remedy Group was founded in March 2004 in the World Trade Center in Dallas by Mark Meyers. Long before that, it started in West Palm Beach Florida selling screen printed mens tee shirts to beach shops and bars! After finally landing the big fish, selling to JCPenney, it forced a move to Dallas. Thus ensued an eye opening exposure to the world of fashion beyond tee shirts. With stops along the way with Ben Sherman London and Calvin Klein, Mark honed his selling skills, his knowledge of the industry and the territory that Dallas represents. Although he started in the men’s industry, Mark changed to the women’s industry in 2001 and has never looked back.  Moving from the International Apparel Mart in 2004 gave him the chance to start fresh and with the grand opening of the building came the launch of Remedy. 

Attention to detail is a strength of Remedy and it's team. From the moment you walk in the showroom you know we want you to feel at home through music, laughter, cold drinks and good food!  Most importantly, a professional staff that knows “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  We consider ourselves a “brand building agency”.  We take small boutique brands and build them through a grass roots approach, introducing them to our customers face to face and educating them on the benefits of the brand.  Many brands start out with no customers at all and now have hundreds. Opening The Jean Saloon in 2010 gave Remedy a name in the Mid-South because when you walked in you thought you were in a bar,and you were! The Denim Bar is our specialty. Fit, fabric and finish is what we talk about when educating our customers, so they know how to educate their staff and customers.  We LOVE denim and ALL things denim related. However, we love selling all types of clothing and representing several fun, creative contemporary and young contemporary lines that make our customers money and their customers happy!

Whether you see us in one of our showrooms in Dallas or Atlanta, one of our 2 mobile showrooms on the road or at a trade show, we hope you will always have a great experience and a time well spent. Mark has been fortunate to have some incredible help along the way and is supported by a fabulous staff including administrative and sales, hard working, dedicated and outside the box thinkers!
The Professor
Mark Meyers
After 27 years I guess you could say he’s an “industry veteran” .  A passion for selling is what drives him to the brink! When you come into the showroom you may hear him say             “welcome to CiCi’s”, you might see him in a sequined jacket or he might bust out in song and he actually can carry a tune! Mark is all about creating an environment that is comfortable and fun but ultimately about helping his customers become successful.  He is often asked for advice and will gladly bend your ear!  From his beginning in 1990 selling screen printed tee shirts to his days with Calvin Klien, Mark has been fortunate to have the help and encouragement from family, friends and industry colleagues, past and presen,t as well as employees that have helped Remedy become the Brand Building Agency that it is today. 
Tay Tay
Taylor Aycock
Taylor began her career at Remedy in May 2016. She fell in love with fashion at a very young age, and owes it all to her Great Grandmother “GiGi” who has always been an inspiration to her. She attended the University of Arkansas where she  graduated with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development. While in Fayetteville she gained experience by working at a local boutique, then went into retail after she finished her degree. She is about as small town as they come.. but left her roots to move to Dallas to follow her dreams and passions with Remedy. She is a Denim Junkie and loves to play dress up… You can always tell what kind of mood she is in by what she is wearing.
​The Gatekeeper
Abigail Hannan
​​Abigail began her career in the fashion industry over 15 years ago.  She was a Senior Buyer for 2 major department stores, where she bought multiple categories.  She joined Remedy in January to see the other side of the industry.  Abigail is originally from Madison, Mississippi.  She graduated from Mississippi State University with Honors and a B.B.S. in Management.  She was a member of Phi Mu sorority and loves all things pink.  She loves to watch sports; unfortunately, she can’t play anymore because she has a metal foot. 
​​Megan Barnes
Megan “Megs” joined Remedy in September 2017.  She started her career in the fashion industry while in college running and buying for a locally owned boutique back in Mississippi.  Her love for fashion later took her to Jacksonville, Florida where she worked for Juicy Couture and Michael Kors.  She has two small yorkies, Harley and Willow, who frequent the office with her and keep us all on our toes.  In her spare time, Megs is a HUGE sports fan and you will always find her cheering on her MSU Bulldogs. But don’t mess with her after a loss, she is liable to eat you alive.  Her mouth hasn’t stopped running since the day she arrived and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are very lucky to have this one of a kind motor mouth as part of the Remedy of our Remedy Family.
​​Danielle Whelehon
​​Danielle joined the Remedy team in September of 2017. She is a go-getter and has a passion for the job. She’s originally from Missouri and brought her Midwest roots to The Big D. Her love for the industry started in High School and continued into her college years. She attended Missouri State University where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development. She keeps the office laughing with her witty jokes. We’re so happy to have her as part of the family!
​​Lindsay Tropp
Lindsay is a Remedy Group rookie, as she recently joined the team in June of this year. She is a Texas State University alum with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Lindsay started her fashion career in college where she became an expert in denim and spent the summer in New York City learning the ropes of a showroom. Lindsay is a crazy cat lady, loves traveling, and can always point you to the best place for food.